Sub Floor Ventilation System

Sub Floor Ventilation System

While most people typically associate mould in the house with the walls and the ceiling, it can also develop and spread underneath the floors as well. Sub floor mould is caused by moisture in the ground being drawn into the air and a lack of sufficient ventilation to expel it.

Fortunately, an effective sub floor ventilation system that uses fans and pumps to draw in damp air and expel it outside can reduce the likelihood of mould growth. To have quality sub floor ventilation installed in Melbourne, call on the specialists at Ecoair Systems today.


Benefits of Sub Floor Ventilation

In addition to reducing the amount of mould that grows, a sub floor ventilation system offers a variety of other benefits.

These include:

  • Enhanced protection from termites – These pests thrive in moist areas and love to chew through timber, so the space beneath a house is almost tailor-made for them. By drawing out the moisture from the air below the floor, the likelihood of termites colonising in the area is reduced.
  • Reduced likelihood of structural damage –some forms of mould can ‘infect’ the timber below the floor or the floorboards themselves. This can cause them to rot and decay and make your home structurally unsafe. Sub flooring ventilation can reduce the growth of mould which in turn reduces the potential for structural damage.
  • Cost-effective – If you weigh up the costs of installing a sub floor ventilation system against the costs of treating asthma, migraines and other respiratory illnesses, not to mention mould removal and possibly even termite extermination, the ventilation system is by far the smarter option.

Ecoair Systems proudly services the entire metropolitan area as well as greater Victoria. For the best sub floor ventilation Melbourne wide, give us a call today on 1300 313 673.