About Us

Ecoair Systems began installing quality ventilation systems for residential and commercial markets in 2008.

Based in Armadale, Melbourne, Ecoair Systems stands out from similar companies because we are more than just ventilation system installers. Above all else, it is our goal to educate our customers both residential and commercial, on the importance of fresh, filtered air – and how quality ventilation systems are integral to this.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on providing superior ventilation technology that:

  • Is energy-efficient
  • Features micro filters that clean and purify air, improving its quality
  • Delivers fresh air that has improved oxygen levels
  • Is tailored to your home or commercial environment – whether or not you leave windows or doors open, our ventilation systems can function in closed areas efficiently.

Our capabilities are backed by 30 years of experience in Melbourne and Victoria’s ventilation system industry. Through the decades, we’ve noticed that although home and office ventilation systems are designed and built with high performance in mind, factors such as air quality and energy usage have been comprised. Re-circulated air has meant that our environments have become increasingly “air tight”, leading to hygiene, allergen and health problems.


Did you know?

Rising Damp – The unwanted guest in your home or office

Inadequate sub-floor ventilation encourages damp ground moisture that causes mould and mildew contamination, resulting in rising damp. We design customised ventilation solutions with guaranteed results.
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Musty homes are unhealthy homes

Poor sub-floor ventilation is a common cause of musty odours entering the home and contaminating the atmosphere. Don’t allow musty odours and toxins to pollute the home and jeopardise your health!

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