Home Ventilation Installation

Home Ventilation Installation

There are many areas of the home that are susceptible to growing mould, from the bathroom and the kitchen to the laundry – particularly behind the clothes dryer. All it takes is condensation caused by humidity in the air (think of the steam coming from a hot shower or from cooking on the stove) and the right temperature to create the perfect breeding ground.

However, with a sufficient level of effective ventilation in the home, you can reduce the environmental conditions that enable the growth and spread of mould to occur. If you’re looking for effective and affordable home ventilation installation or servicing in Melbourne or greater Victoria, get in touch with the specialists at Ecoair Systems and discover just how we can help you.


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Ecoair Systems specialises in home ventilation installation and repairs for residential properties across Melbourne. The system will help to reduce condensation and damp as well as other potentially harmful allergens in the air. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your property to determine the best placement for your system and install it to ensure it performs effectively where and when needed throughout the house. In addition to home ventilation installation, we also provide maintenance and servicing of existing systems across Melbourne.

To arrange your free, no obligation consultation with an experienced technician, get in touch with Ecoair Systems by calling 1300 313 673 today.